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The Case for Learning in Israel

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Life of Yeshiva Guys in Israel: The Case for Learning in Israel

Life of Yeshiva Guys in Israel

A Pictorial, Vidorial, and Textorial Panorama of the Life of Yeshiva Guys in Eretz Yisroel (Israel). Join us as we discover Eretz Yisroel and all it has to offer Yeshiva Bochurim.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Case for Learning in Israel

Lately, as it has become the fashion to send to bochurim to Eretz Yisroel, it has become all the rage to bash Eretz Yisroel. They say: What's the point? There's no hashgacha there anyway! Better they should learn here...All this and more, I've heard, echoing throughout the minds of concerned parents across America. And indeed, they have a point. Its true, there is much less hashgacha here in Eretz Yisroel. There is, however, at the same time, much more hashgacha; albeit a different kind of hasgacha. The Hashgacha. And as frum yidden, we all believe in that higher hashgacha. I'm not referring to the Great Hashgacha here; I'm referring to Torah, and its unique brand of protection that it, and only it, can provide.

While it may be true that bochurim here have the time of their life, and that bochurim here have tons of fun, and that bochurim here...yada yada yada, its also true that bochurim here grow in ways they never could in America. The reasons for this are as many as they are few. That is, many reasons have been proffered, but I'd stick with the Gemara;
"Aveerah D'Yisroel Machkim".

I rest my case.

(Photo by turmsegler)

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